Dog Days

Day Dreamer

and this one should be tall & narrow not on its side… it’s in a 20″HX10″w frame.



All six of my submissions we accepted into the Fine Art Exhibit –

here are the two Sumi-e , still need better images but I’m recovering from the worst cold/flu that I’ve had in years!!!!



was up to 3am today as I finished putting wires and labels, etc. onto the finished art work. I don’t recommend washing picture glass at that hour as the dang stuff looked streaky when I turned it in! I made 8 new pieces from Monday afternoon to early this morning – an art marathon!
here are the two mini submitted to WA State Fair Fine Art Exhibit – the frames are 5X7″


© 8/5/2014 Nine Lives Studio

Spirit Flows

© 8/5/2014 Nine Lives Studio

instead of the two 12X12’s that I made on Monday afternoon/evening… which I found out today when dropping art off would have been accepted , I finished this piece around 2am this morning

Weaving Dreams

© 5/6/2014 Nine Lives Studio

it’s 16X16″ museum stretched canvas.

the piece below is a museum stretched canvas size 10X20″


© 8/5/2014 Nine Lives Studio
I made two Sumi-e yesterday as well – haven’t corrected the images yet.
Now I have to wait to see if all six get accepted into the Fine Art Exhibit that opens September 5-21st with a reception on Sept 4th.

very tired – by Sunday we’re back in the 90’s – ugh… and I have back to back classes next week. they’re fun but it’s a long day. I will post some of the art I made this week as demos soon…

Keep arting