Met Cassie over at Olympia Little Theatre today and hung my September exhibit. Thirty 10X8″ are on one wall, three 16″X20″ are on the wall leading into the stage area and five are on the wall near the lobby entrance. It took a little over two hours to hang. Luckily Cassie has an awesome laser level which made it so much easier! Wow, I would have been there forever trying to do it myself. She has allot of prior hanging experience and can compute very quickly spacing.

Cassie at work

finished hanging the thirty – love the staggered look. I do have to get that tacky stuff because I have plastic tabs on the back and some hang a little crooked.

here are the five 12X12″ by the entrance to the theatre lobby.

and last – two of the three 16″X20″ by the entrance to the audience seating/stage.

and Cassie and I received two free passes to whichever production we want during the season.