finished the three from yesterday…
I painted the Kanji characters for “fall equinox” on the back of a piece of acetate with acrylic paint. I figured that way it wouldn’t get rubbed off. I downloaded an image of the Kanji and printed it small to fit the acetate. Taped it to the back of the printed image and held it up on the window to get the reverse image.

Here is the finished piece…


© 9/18/2014 Nine Lives Studio

Below is a close up of the “green man” for this mixed media….

Earth Meditation

© 9/18/2014 Nine Lives Studio

and I finished one more mixed media… I may enter this into “The Land of Snow and Indigo” at Confluence Gallery in Twisp WA

Ice and Snow

© 9/19/2014 Nine Lives Studio

Back to play – keep arting!