stil plugging away on mixed media… didn’t name these yet.
I bought seven 12X12″X.5″ to prepare for the Metal Urge show at the Envirohouse in Tacoma – due to hang tomorrow! yikes…
I have 3 finished and 2 almost finished. [so 2 of them to complete and three of the heavier 2.5″ stretched canvas]
a regular art frenzy!   Next Saturday I deliver to Forest Park Shoreline Art Commission – The Gallery at Town Center and its Olympia Fall Arts Walk – I’ll be in the Urban Onion!

  © 9/23/2014
and another silver one
  © 9/22/2014
and a gold one
  © 9/23/2014

this is a 10X10X1.5″
  © 9/22/2014

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