in the class “finger Painting on the Moon” that I facilitated yesterday we made crowns, bubble wands, and lots of art…
for example – here is a bubble piece combined with blowing blobs of ink with a straw to make the tree and then pen work for leaves & flowers and last but not least watercolor pencil to add a little extra color.

Summer’s End  © 9/27/2014 Nine Lives Studio

This piece is like a spirit guide… Cutting the bird spirit from scrapebook paper [sparkles which don’t show up in the photo] and then using oil pastels to make the swirl patterns from the bird’s flight. I want to add some sparkly paint for the magic of it…

Spirit Guide  © 9/27/2014 Nine Lives Studio
guess the short poem I wrote yesterday was connected to this piece.

pearlescent feathers
sunset bound
crows fly to dream


I have 3 more 12X12″ to finish and then attach hanging devices/wire/label and the mixed media will be ready for delivery on Sat to The Gallery @ Town Center – Shoreline Forest Park Art Commission gallery. Plus I have the three 16″HX20″W mixed media from the Oly Little Theatre.

Keep arting,