No digital drawing tonight but then I did 4 Irish themed ones yesterday. I’m up to 48 of them – all are posted on Fine Art America and Spoonflower. As far as Zazzle that’s a slower process even to get them onto the “quick create” it takes about twenty minutes per image.

Cotcha says Kitten  © 2/1/2015 NLS

Kitten Grabs at a Leprechaun  © 2/1/2015 NLS

Leprechaun Trapped by Kitten Paws  © 2/1/2015 NLS

Leprechaun is between Kitten’s Paws  © 2/1/2015 NLS

these are mostly “oil pastel” with details on the leprechauns made with the “art marker” tool.

managing to be silly is so important! Hope these give you a smile!
Keep Arting,