This is a list of my Fall Classes offered through Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation – Olympia Center, 222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia, WA  98501


Travel Sketching with Watercolor/Pencil
Ages:  16 and up
Do you wonder why we rarely relive our travels through photos? Perhaps because taking a photo requires so little investment of one’s attention. Artistic journaling slows your pace, as you observe a scene for at least as long as it takes to sketch it. Journaling is solely for pleasure – it doesn’t require that you be an accomplished artist. Regardless of skill level, you’ll be amazed how quickly your drawing and watercolor skills improve – within hours! We’ll sketch around Olympia’s Percival Landing and by the end of the workshop; you’ll be dedicated to journaling! Supply list available online or at registration.  Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Sa            Sept 12  9:00am-1:00pm   $29         #3038

Special Effects Watercolor
Ages:  16 and up
Each week you will learn and implement a special effect to your watercolor painting-of-the-class-day. Increase skills and have fun experimenting with salt, wax paper, and more. Participants supply their watercolors and watercolor paper. Supply list will print on registration receipt. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Tu            Sept 15-Oct 6       6:00pm-8:00pm   $49         #3026

The Art of Seeing: Beginning Drawing
Ages:  16 and up
This class has been designed to help the beginner see the world with new eyes through the act of drawing. Each week, exercises will challenge students to question what they think they know about their subject and really begin to experience their subject through intense, direct observation. The primary goals of this class are to give the beginning drawer tools for visual problem solving, confidence in the handling of drawing media, and most importantly to inspire joy, meditation, and awareness through the act of seeing. No prior art experience is required. Bring a soft pencil (4B is good), an eraser and a sketch pad no smaller than 8 x 11 to class. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
W            Sept 16-Oct 14     6:00pm-8:00pm   $59         #3031

Enticing Your Personal Writing Muse
Ages:  16 and up
This creative writing class will develop your vibrant writer’s voice by letting the words flow, stream of consciousness style. Two twenty minute writing exercises with nonjudgmental sharing encourages writing from your heart. Pen or pencil and a spiral notebook are all you need to begin this creative journey! If you wish to use an electronic device, please be sure the keyboard doesn’t make “typing” sounds. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Th            Sept 17-Nov 19    6:00pm-8:00pm   $109       #2900

Finger Painting on the Moon
Ages:  16 and up
Jump start your creative side! Awaken the muse within no matter how dormant you may feel your muse is. With activities designed to lead you gently into a creative space, everyone will enjoy this adventure. We will work with a variety of simple materials and explore how to develop our playful personal voice. The fun projects will help you overcome the fear of the blank page and find ways to start a series or develop a theme. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Sa            Sept 19  9:00am-2:00pm   $39         #3011

Handmade Paper for Embellishing Holiday Projects
Ages:  16 and up
Not only is making homemade paper a fun experience for you, but it’s a good way to recycle waste into wonderful possibilities such as envelopes, greeting cards, artwork and more.  Making paper is a fun way to express your creativity and homemade papers are the perfect additions to holiday greeting cards, gift tags, wrapping paper and more! A supply list with directions for making a simple mold & deckle and press will be mailed with your registration confirmation. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Sa            Oct 10    9:00am-1:00pm   $39         #3041

Holiday Block Print Cards
Ages:  16 and up
Learn techniques for the relief printmaking process using the flexibility and ease of a linoleum type material (soft Kut). Block printing is a simple technique of carving into the surface using special tools to make a relief design that is then inked and printed for cards. This process is an excellent way of producing simple line designs. Instructor will provide many sample designs or students can create their own designs for holiday cards. All materials and supplies included in class fee. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Tu            Oct 13-20              6:00pm-8:00pm   $35         #3016

Art Inspired by Words
Ages:  16 and up
Art projects will be inspired by words. Poetry, a descriptive passage or a quote will be used as a starting point for participants’ illustrations. Conversely participants have the option of writing after completing the art project. Art techniques/media will vary and include the following: watercolor, watercolor pencils, pen & ink, scratch paper, Sumi ink, etc. All supplies included in class fee. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
W            Oct 21-Nov 4        6:00pm-8:00pm   $45         #3039

Paint the Holiday, a Snow Scene – Acrylics
Ages:  16 and up
Come paint a simple landscape featuring a snow scene with step by step instructions. Participants provide their own materials. Materials list will be provided at registration. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Tu            Oct 27-Nov 3        6:00pm-8:00pm   $29         #3025

Make Art, Make Books
Ages:  16 and up
This hands-on class will focus on combining simple book structures that would be great as holiday gifts! Easy to learn bookmaking such as the Japanese stab binding stitch book will lead students to understand the formal qualities of the book. All supplies included in class fee. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Tu            Nov 10-24             6:00pm-8:00pm   $49         #3024

Introduction to Mandalas
Ages:  16 and up
The word “mandala” is a Sanskrit word that is over 2300 years old translated as “circle” or “sacred center.” Circular patterns have been used throughout time in many cultures, including the Tibetan and Native American, as tools for centering and healing. In this workshop we will explore the history of mandala patterns and you will create your own personal mandala, using water color pencil, scrapbook paper and your embellishments (buttons, feathers, shells, etc.). This should be a time to let go, play with color and design, and to have fun! Most supplies included in class fee. Suggested embellishment list will print on registration receipt. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt
Sa            Dec 12   9:00am-2:00pm   $45         #3040