Catching up with another summer class exercise samples – Zen Ink as in doodling but this style of ink doodling has a well know copyright name that shall remain nameless…
This is a landscape that is almost finished…

Hills and Dales  © 8/2015 Ellen Miffitt

Flower Gardem  © 8/2015 Ellen Miffitt  Ink pen design of multiple flowers colored with color pencils.

Fall Pumpkin  © 8/2015 Ellen Miffitt

Did this exercise with adults once but I colored in the doodles after I made the designs within the pumpkin sections and leaves. There are many “line” drawing that are copyright free online. This often helps with students of any age that might not have ability to draw an object.

Name Doodle  © 8/2015 Ellen Miffitt

The first project I had the students make was their name. I had started this in an adult doodle class and finished it between checking/advising the student’s work. I was amazed at the talent the kids exhibited.

Black and White Mandala  © 8/2015 Ellen Miffitt

When creating these type of repitious patterns small mistakes happen. The whole idea is to just left it flow. No predrawing and no erasers – there is a freedom in letting little mistakes be there… over time, skills with the pens increase. There are many mandala blank designs online that can be downloaded for doodle exercises and are copyright free. Hint: work on a smooth surface. the table had slight pattern and I got a few extra bumps.

Cats in Boxes  © 8/2015 Ellen Miffitt

The exercise is to create a whole series of different shape boxes. Doodles could be whatever you fancied. One girl did Manga drawings, another flowers….

Owl  © 8/2015 Ellen Miffitt

The exercise was to draw a simple outline of a animal and then create the doodle patterns within the simple outline. I had started this owl in the adult class. The 12-16 year old classes were three hours long and they worked the full time on their doodles.

I bought pickle cucumbers so I’m going to slice and dice for awhile before bed and make Bread and Butter Pickles tomorrow!