Finally corrected three of my new digital images and loaded them to Zazzle, Redbubble and Fine Art America. I’m way behind on correcting and/or loading images to these POD [print on demand] sites. I have created 283 of these drawings since mid December 2014 when I bought the app for the iPad. As far as POD – Zazzle and Redbuble have changed they way the add image to products is done and I was very cranky because it just doesn’t make sense.   It seemed easier before to find where to create new products.

Still enjoying Art Set Pro Edition….

Hide and Seek with Mouse

© 10/2015 Ellen Miffitt -NLS

Orange Tiger Kitten and Mouse wear their Witch Hats

© 10/2015 Ellen Miffitt – NLS

Not a Very Scary Carved Pumpkin

© 10/2015 Ellen Miffitt- NLS

I hand printed 40 more prints today from four holiday blocks that I carved last year… tomorrow will adhere to blank note cards.

Time for ZZZZZZZzzz – more arting tomorrow.