Chopstick Journals with my mini collages.

Gull Harbor Art and Craft Show – was a two day event last weekend – Nov 7-8. It was in the firehouse meeting room and had fourteen vendors. When I went in to set up Friday night, I thought wow… this is a small group. How’s this going to work? Well never judge a book by its cover because people came ready to purchase. I grossed $240 in handmade journals, cards and a couple of original 11X14″ sumi-e. A big thanks to all who purchased my work. My only complaint:  I had a 6 foot table in the middle and there, honestly, was only about 2 feet between the table in back of me. The first day the two people in back of me flanked me – I was in the middle of their conversation all day; on Sunday I moved their chairs to one side and I was at the end of my table. By the end of the day I was out into the aisle because they kept shifting their chairs a little. Had lots of good conversation both days – a fun experience. The booth fee was $40 which is very reasonable for a two day show! I will go again next year if I’m accepted.

Yesterday’s fair: DuPont Winter Wonderland Holiday Bazaar
Wow, the organizers were incredible! It was held in the gym at the Pioneer Middle School, 1750 Bobs Hollow Lane, DuPont. I didn’t realize how big a space. A normal out door pop-up tent fit so I think it was 10’X10′. Of course we had the strongest rain storm of the season on Saturday but at least setting up Friday night wasn’t too bad. The booth fee was $30 and you had to pay for a one day event business license of $5.00. My set up looked so small that the next morning I dragged more things to set up. Despite the rain squalls there was a steady stream of traffic for most of the day. The organizers/volunteers were incredible. Coffee and muffins ready for us in the morning; lunch [croissant sandwich, bag of chips, beverage, cookie for lunch! I think there were forty vendors but… the advert says “Many vendors selling handcrafted items. Admission is $1 for adults” The person next to me had essential oils/aromatherapy [which smelt incredible], the person to my left had men’s clothing, there were t-shirts and mixed in with “handmade” wreaths, beaded jewelry, etc. It was a real mixed bag of vendors. I made the booth fee of $35 and only sold an additional $34.50. I let a child by a box for $4.50. I did talk up my classes and  I added an astounding 3,490 to my NaNoWriMo word count = 40,162
I might do this on next year. Maybe make some items for kids – like bubble wands…. One of the vendors said there was less people than last year but then it was a horrid storm – you wouldn’t believe the rain squalls.

My advice is scope out the various fairs before entering to see the quality of the wares and get a feel for the amount of people veiwing the event which of course, can change from year to year.

Block print cards ready for sale….

My next event is: The 5th Annual Lincoln Winter Market is scheduled for Saturday November 28th 11am to 5pm.
Last year I just made my booth fee but its downtown in Olympia and not far to drive. I for sure will make those bubble wands that I’ve been thinking about and maybe stencil on small canvass bags, have the journals and cards. This booth fee is $50 and I’m determined to get better sales as it was packed with people last year.
I have been accepted as a vendor for the TESC [the Evergreen State College] 3rd Annual Arts & Crafts Fair. I did that show last year and sold: a card! This year, I’m going to make some of my chopstick journals and price at $5.00. it will be a single sheet of cardstock for the cover and adhere a block print. I may try to make bubble wands for this as the TESC students are a wonderful wacky bunch = many hippies! This event is held on Wednesday Dec 2 from 11 to 5pm and will have over 90 vendors

The link below is for their Facebook page:

I have been accepted for this show: Enchanted Winter Faire – Olympia Waldorf School on Saturday Dec 5th from 11am to 3pm – 8126 Normandy St SE, Olympia, WA. I heard this was a “good” show and again it’s wise to have a wide price point… aiming for allot of $5 items.

I may have one other art class run but this fall was dismal!!!! One 6 week drawing class, one WC pencil Sat workshop, and a three week make simple books. I rewrote many of my descriptions and offered a few new classes for Winter schedule.

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Keep arting folks!