Trying to get things done for 5th Annual Lincoln Winter Market which is scheduled for Saturday November 28th 11am to 5pm.

location: 213 21st Ave SE, Olympia, WA

but… time is slipping partly because I put so much work into NaNoWriMo novel = 62,147 words to date.

I finished the tops of ten boxes last night as well- heres a few samples…


and the ones below need a little more work… sorry for the fuzzy photo I’m in a rush but realized I needed to post!

I’m getting 15 lighter weight chopstick books readythat will have block prints adhered to the covers – These will go for $5.00. Single layer cardstock cover and 15 sheets of regular copy paper for the pages. My other chopstick books have double cardstock cover and 65# weight paper 20 pages [ 10 folded in half].

and I must get to making bubble wands… whoops another fuzzy image!

and of course… I need to get to those wooden boxes and ornaments – I need a few more 24 hour days this week.

Enjoy celebrating Fall Harvest/Thanksgiving Day

TESC [the Evergreen State College] 3rd Annual Arts & Crafts Fair.

This event is held on Wednesday Dec 2 from 11 to 5pm and will have over 90 vendors…

The link below is for their Facebook page:



Enchanted Winter Faire – Olympia Waldorf School on Saturday Dec 5th, 2015 from 11am to 3pm – 8126 Normandy St SE, Olympia, WA