I participated in NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month again this year.  http://nanowrimo.org/   I am so excited – I have surpassed my speed of last year. On November16th I had reached the 50,000 word goal. I found someone who will edit but we haven’t worked out a fee. This year the only notes I made the week prior were about names and a little about the characters. no time line and no outline.

By Nov 23rd = 60,080 – I was still tying up loose ends, checking sequence/dates, etc

My writing technique…  I had written a very short story 6 months ago that I used as the base. No working outline. About six times I read what I had written from the beginning to whatever the end page at the time was. Then I made a genealogy, added information to the list of characters to figure out ages and a rough time span of the story. Five times I made a list of questions to answer. Basically I just start writing. I’ve written and/or corrected every day.

On Nov 24th I was up past 1:30 as I started from the beginning to about page 140 and added conversation where there was too much text, moved some sections around to make more sense… there were 210 pages at that point with double spacing. I also made a “chapter title” sheet which helped me locate approximate page and make notes, or figure where to shift things to a better place, etc. because sometimes I just start writing about something prior and just leave it at the end of the story to move later….

While at the Lincoln Winter Market on Nov 28th,  I managed to rough draft 1,454 words between talking to folks. So the total word count for that Saturday was 66,420 and I was still revising what I wrote.

Monday Nov 30th – 68,519  I was going to add more before the midnight deadline and THE POWER Went OFF!!!

At Wednesday’s TESC Holiday Fair I wrote an additional 1,782 words to flesh out several incomplete areas.

I love to write; the characters just kept urging me on…. All month of November, I would write off and on during the day especially staying up to 3:30 four different times; at the holiday fairs or when I gallery sit at Gallery Boom, I wrote steadily between customers. My Word count total is 70,274 words … someone had teased me as I had said I could not picture myself writing that much. Last year my novel was only 59,386.

Now to print and edit before giving it to that editor friend – after we haggle a fee… ^..^

This is a little section I wrote yesterday that will be near the end:
Calm Skies
Alderon held Aerilaya’s hand watching the sunset turn the domain golden hues. Blake, Caiden and Aletheia were riding dolphin like mammals creating gilded ripples that raced to shore. Evening bird songs filled the twilight. The stars turned on one by one; fireflies the size of robins in man’s world flitted into the approaching dusk from a nearby copse.
“It’s good to have Aelieyeeva [Aletheia] in physical form again. The experience in man’s world will expand her understanding of fear, hate and intolerance.” Aerilaya looked into her beloved Alderon’s calm face. The children were now tossing octopus looking creatures at each other.
“Excuse me Aerilaya…” walking over to the shore edge, Alderon had to dodge a tossed ten legged creature that managed to grab onto his arm before hitting the sand. With a clap of his hand the dolphins swam close to the shoreline. “Do you need to apologize to the tenopus that you’ve been hurling at each other?”
The one that had been hanging on Alderon’s arm managed to climb up and wrapped a few legs over his right shoulder. Holding his arm over the water the tentacles let go leaving chartreuse circles of varying sizes on his elegant shimmering silver robes.
“But their mother said they could play with us.” Protesting, Aletheia made that cute pout face, “I can ask her to tell you.”
Looking carefully Alderon could see chartreuse circles covering the three misfits from head to toe. A very large tentacle the size of a tree trunk threaded its way between the resting dolphins.
“Janbell, didn’t you invite us to play with the little ones.” Caiden asked rubbing at one of the circles. “Does this stuff come off? We have Aikido class tomorrow.”
Blake started rubbing his massive amount of circular embellishments. “Least the gee will cover up most of them.”
The entity was not forgotten; even in the Everlasting Domain vigilance was necessary to maintain the natural balance. The seven sisters watched over the Elvan realms without intruding. Their seven realms respected the land and honored their founding matriarch by sounding at first light and at twilight.

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