Despite loading in during the pouring rain at the Olympia Waldorf School, 8126 Normandy Street SE, Olympia, WA….. normal for the Pacific Northwest, I sold some of my collage boxes, chopstick journals, and some note cards. Thanks to all who purchased from me today… I don’t do that many holiday/fairs in general and it was nice to be able share my work. Here is my set up…

and a little blurry…

I bought bed risers to make the tables higher and I also now have a tall director’s chair which brings you up higher than a regular chair. [of course during the lulls I typed like crazy but only added a rough 798 words for my NaNoWriMo novel. which brings the word count to 70,998 ]

Tomorrow I’ll bring the cards, chopstick journals and boxes to the Gallery Boom pop-up Capital Mall store. In just the first three days the pop-up sold $500 worth of local art. Thanks to all who support this venture.

Please check my art class list on my website and pass the info along – give the gift of creativity.…rt_instruction

my son and I picked out a tall tree for all the times we were treeless during the winter holidays over the past five years. Next time I lift the tree before purchase. Amazingly, I was able to cram it into the Honda Fit but I did have to tie the hatch down .  Yikes, I barely got it into the stand and it lists!

it’s big,,,

with the lights that look like candles and the cranberry wood beads… I ordered another 2 strings of candle lights.

Buddy my Elf on a Shelf TP papered the tree two nights ago. Guess he was impatient for the lights and ornaments!
Have you noticed – my holiday cheer is back and my sense of humor [both long missing…]


Keep arting,