My etching kit came yesterday… it included the ferric chloride, sample copper, Penny Brite copper cleaner, StazOn stamp pad and Novacan black patina. You know I’m now going to fine that bottle of Ferric C that I have somewhere….

All the copper washed with Penny Brite… I used a file yesterday on the burr from drilling the holes for the jump rings.

Searching through my rubber stamps, I only had two small enough to use. The StazOn is permanent ink to use as a resist. After etching you have to use baking soda to stop the etching process and rinse in water. The StazOn ink needs to be sanded off wearing a good face mask.The small brass piece I etched many years ago…

simple tools to make a float – Styrofoam or plastic foam, duct tape… plastic container for the etching solution. Latex gloves, eye protection & apron recommended for safety.

Copper pieces are adhered to the duct tape wrapped sticky side up around the foam block and then floated with stamped design facing down into the Ferric Chloride. I checked after fifteen minutes and reset timer for an additional 20 minutes.

washed them off and set them down somewhere… ahahhaha found them, the upper two are with the permanent ink stamp.

The two on the bottom. I drew a design on them with Bic permanent marker… a failure , did not really do much of anything after 90 minutes. I will try with a Sharpie next time…

I started some paper beads… First I made the designs by using graph paper. I cut out the pattern shapes and traced onto scrapbook paper. the chart you see was made by cutting the shapes and putting a piece of graph paper over them & then I scanned . I might be teaching a paper bead class so I’m working on my skills & handouts. You just roll the paper tightly around a bamboo skewer, toothpick or plastic coffee straw/stirrer. I need to figure out a better paste. The ends would not stay down. Also for the more interesting shapes you need longer paper. the beads I made were 6 inches long. I’m going to try some 9 or 10 inch strips of paper & also experiment with different weight papers. They need to be sealed with mod podge or other sealant. They’re fun to make and I’m going to include them with PMC pendants.

next I tackle the micro macrame cord for necklaces for my PMC pendants and continue working with the etching. I received a small dragonfly rubber stamp today that I’ll try tomorrow.
so that’s the news here…

keep arting