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My  PMC jewelry and mini 4X4″ mixed media are now posted on AFTCRA. My images are available on three online shops listed below.

TH 2 brown background

I’ve been so busy with the some holiday art fairs and making things for them as well as NaNoWriMo… I have finally set up my AFTRCA shop… PMC jewelry and mini collages…

Ruby Flower Mandala

Ruby Flower Mandala

I’m not doing Etsy anymore.. Over the years I had so few sales and last year the listing fees equaled the few items that I sold. . I’ll let you know if AFTCRA works any better. Least there are no listing fees.

Christmas Wreath Cat

Christmas Wreath Cat

As far as online Print on Demand sales, I listed the links below.
Nothing has sold on Fine Art America in a long time – FAA used to be just cards and prints but now have an increasing amount of other products:
Redbubble I’ve only had a few sales:
Zazzle sales are increasing daily…****

I will be offering a class through Oly Parks, Arts and Recreation about Print on Demand sites – Pros and Cons.

Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation –  222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501   Call 360.753.8380

Selling Art on “Print on Demand”  Sites, the Pros & Cons 

Ages:  16 and up

Print on Demand (POD) companies, like Fine Art America, Zazzle, RedBubble, Cafepress,  etc. are flourishing. Typically you create a shop front and choose what to display your work on. No physical products are created until it sells.  Products include (prints, t-shirts, mugs, home décor, and so on) within their marketplace.  Spend an evening learning the Pros, Cons & Risks of placing your images on a POD shop. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

M            Feb 22                    6:00pm-8:00pm                  $19         #3294


Finally corrected three of my new digital images and loaded them to Zazzle, Redbubble and Fine Art America. I’m way behind on correcting and/or loading images to these POD [print on demand] sites. I have created 283 of these drawings since mid December 2014 when I bought the app for the iPad. As far as POD – Zazzle and Redbuble have changed they way the add image to products is done and I was very cranky because it just doesn’t make sense.   It seemed easier before to find where to create new products.

Still enjoying Art Set Pro Edition….

Hide and Seek with Mouse

© 10/2015 Ellen Miffitt -NLS

Orange Tiger Kitten and Mouse wear their Witch Hats

© 10/2015 Ellen Miffitt – NLS

Not a Very Scary Carved Pumpkin

© 10/2015 Ellen Miffitt- NLS

I hand printed 40 more prints today from four holiday blocks that I carved last year… tomorrow will adhere to blank note cards.

Time for ZZZZZZZzzz – more arting tomorrow.

I have been sooooooooooooo busy this summer and fall chores leading to producing items for upcoming holiday fairs, I have not had time to upload new artwork [photos, block print images, collages, or digital drawings] on my various print on demand stores. As far as the pastel digital drawing of cats, I’m closing in on 300 drawings for the year…

Print on Demand URLs:**** 

I did get this message the other day from Zazzle: Welcome! You have accrued over $1,000 in lifetime Zazzle earnings, qualifying you for our ProDesigner program at the Bronze level. The sales are fairly steady; for most of the year, there is a purchase of a product with one of my images every few days. A big thank you to all who purchase on these sites.

I am going to facilitate a one night class in the winter quarter about pros & cons of POD stores. For instance, it’s taken a long time to reach a $1,000 in commission. One thing to keep in mind with POD stores – they are always offering promo discounts [as much as 50%] so as an artist I can earn as little as ten cents for a post card sold with my art work image or more depending on the item.

Class Description:

Print on Demand companies, like Fine Art America, Zazzle, RedBubble, Cafepress, etc. are flourishing. Typically you create a shop front and choose what to display your work on. No physical products are created until it sells. Products include (canvas, prints, t-shirts, mugs, home décor, and so on) within their marketplace. Spend an evening learning the Pros, Cons & Risks of placing your images on a POA shop. Olympia Parks, Art & Recreation Feb 22, 2016 from 6 to 8pm

Back to preparing items for the holiday fairs!

Digital Drawings

Tuxedo Kitten Sneaks a Glass of Milk

Daily digital drawings…. my aim is to make one a day – Yes that’s 365 cats.  I purchased an app for the iPad called Art Set Pro Edition. I have been using the “oil pastel” setting.

Valentine’s Day Present for Tiger Kitty   � 1/11/2015 Nine Lives Studio

I have been uploading my digital images to Spoonflower. They are a Print on Demand site that prints on fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc. Before they can go on sale I have tp purchase samples of the various finished prints.

This images are also on my Zazzle shop*                                     and on my Fine Art America site.


At our last Olympia Etsy Team meeting, the discussion was mostly about upcoming holiday exhibit/sales.  During the discussion several of the members mention that they keep at least 100 items on their shop as that seems to drive traffic to their shop.  I am in awe of many of these creative women who manage to earn their living by selling their hand crafted products on Etsy.

Then the next day, the “challenge” was posted on our Face Book page. The challenge is to post 100 items in our individual shops by mid November. We check in each Wednesday.   At check in yesterday, I am up to 76 items: holiday block print cards are 3 for $15.00, Cubicle Art depending on substrate are $15 or $30.oo and Precious Metal Clay pendants form $22.00 to $60.00.

TH 2 brown background Precious Metal Clay pendant

Giddyup, Rocking Horse!

     Giddyup, Rocking Horse!

block prints printed onto printing paper and adhered to blank notecards

Ruby Flower Mandala

Ruby Flower Mandala

Typical 4X4″X1.5 mini collage on stretched canvass – I believe this one is located at Gallery Boom in Tumwater, WA. 

I’ve been working on my Etsy shop.

The Olympia Etsy Team        decided to challenge one another to place 100 items up for sale. The discussion at the meeting had been that 100 seems to be the magic number. I’m up to 31. Many of the women actually earn a living selling their hand made items on Etsy so they are good resources and inspiration. I have been re-photographing the pieces, assigning inventory #, bagging them… Plus then I ended up getting rid of allot of extraneous images in my photo files, plus backing up to a cloud and on my WD external back up. Must be some sort of organizational bug going around!

Here is a sample of my Precious Metal Clay jewelry…

03_Miffitt butterfly moon brown background naura kami brown background TH 2 brown background

keep arting!



Whimsical Sumi-e Art

Thanks to all who have purchased products with my art images on Zazzle or Fine Art America.  I appreciate your support!

Remember to always check for Zazzle promotions when ordering products.

I’m back to posting new images on my Zazzle “Nine Lives Studio” store*  and Fine Art America site.


My Pumpkin

My Pumpkin



Octopus Toy

Octopus Toy

The original Sumi-e cards have been delivered to Bainbridge Arts & Crafts on Winslow, Bainbridge Island, WA

Thanks again – keep arting,


I went to the local Etsy meeting on Monday and am going to work on my neglected shop. So today I renewed my PMC [Precious Metal Clay] jewelry pieces, added ten block prints that will be made on demand, and I will add ten of my “cubicle” mini collages from the first Avanti 30X30X30 challenge a couple of years ago.

Many of the women have built up their shop over time and earn a living from their sales…

reversable PMC pendant

I’ll handprint various block prints for cards or to put into an 8″X10″ mat…

Cubicle Art – mini collage Sun & Moon

Stop by and see what you think…. comments welcome.

Heart Collages

During January, I uploaded 50 Love Series Heart collages into my Romancing the Heart shop. It took many hours of correcting those images in Photoshop Elements. Happy to say that I’m finally increasing my editing skills. I have 20 collage images still to correct and upload onto customizable products. Please stop by.

The designs aren’t just for Valentine’s Day… they are great for anniversaries, engagements, etc.  All comments welcome.

Cyber Monday

Here it is December – Time is speeding past as always.

I want to thank all who have purchased items with my images from the various online shops [Zazzle and Fine Art America]. I have been posting more images to the various products.

Big Red Bow and Ginger Cat (C) Nine Lives Studio

these images are in my Christmas Studio store…

Tiger Kitten asks What Candy Cane (C) Nine Lives Studio

I’m finally getting better at correcting my images in Photoshop Elements 11 – without classes it just takes forever to catch on!  Still so much to figure out.

Blue Ornament Tumble (C) Nine Lives Studio

I’ve made various calendars with images from Sumi-e  or photographs or other art work.

Gandalf, the cat, and forget-me-not flowers (C) Nine Lives Studio

and another landscape…

Fall in Yashiro Japanese Garden (C) Nine Lives Studio


Always check for Zazzle coupons… adds up to more dollars after awhile and gets my images out into the world. – Fine Art America 

Keep arting,