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Ran around during end of October snapping some sun- some gray photographs… now the PC had decided to eat the loading program. I even re-installed the disk – honestly – grrrrrr but back to centering. Hot Cocoa and marshmallows!

Here’s some of the newer images that I’ve posted on my Zazzle store [*  ] and on Fine Art America

site [  ].

Orange Dahlias (C) 10/2013 Nine Lives Studio

Oh great – more grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – in trying to get the camera to load images a few days ago, I apparently emptied about 10 file folders of images into [hopefully] some other program!!!!!!

Sipping more cocoa…

Japanese Anemone (C)10/30/2013 Nine Lives Studio

Yashiro Japanese Garden, Olympia WA (C) 10/31/2013 Nine Lives Studio


Fall in the  sister city garden – Yashiro Japanese Garden, Olympia WA

Garden Reflections (C)10/31/2013 Nine Lives Studio

and here’s some gray fog inundating the WA State Capitol building a couple weeks ago…

WA State Capitol Fogged in (C)10/2013 Nine Lives Studio


Hopefully the missing images are “somewhere” but at least they’re posted on Zazzle And FAA!

Keep arting…




Lots of rain lately but then, I love raindrops on flowers… especially when they catch the light.

Lady’s Mantle (c) 5/25/2013 NLS


This yellow rose is close to my front door…

Raindrops on Yellow Rose (C) 5/22/2013 NLS

After I took this photo of the Rosa rugosa the wind came up and blew the petals away…

Rosa rugosa (C) 5/23/2013 NLS


one more …

Raindrops on Petunias (C) 5/22/2013 NLS

Found this luscious colored petunias at Ace. I usualy don’t like pink but its the combo of pink & yellow…

Keep Arting,



Bee and Rhododendron Flower

Wow.. it’s almost Memorial Day…..

I’ve been ducking the rain showers to grab some beautiful Rhododendron and other flowering plants. Always boggles the mind how the plants carry on despite the wacky weather!  Very cold and windy today… I broke down and turned the heat on  ^..^

Rhododendron occidentale Blossom

Rhododendron occidentale, the Western Azalea, is one of two deciduous Rhododendron species native to western North America.

All these photos and more are on my Zazzle* and will soon be on Fine Art America   I have so many images to upload as the flowers fade and the next batch blooms!

Wild Geranium


notice rain drops and below more rain…

Purple Rhododendron


and one more bee…

another busy bee


Keep arting in whatever direction your creativity takes you…






Spring Photos

So thankful for this gorgeous weather. Sorry that California is getting all the Pacific Northwest rain…. not.  I so needed some sunny days – the gray out here really gets to me.


that said, 3 of my raised beds have been turned, compost added, lime & bone meal to prepare for planting.  I bought some starts [broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprout, kale, chard and onion] at the local food co-op and they’re all planted as well as seeds [spinach, lettuce varieties, etc.].

It actually seemed too hot and wow did I crash on Sunday! Still have one bed to turn and clean up my little back yard to put pavers back down but that’s for another day as I even washed and waxed my car.

Here are a few samples of local [Olympia, WA] and Portland, OR spring flowers. I have posted thsee images and many more on Fine Art America      and on my Zazzle Photo shop.*

Wood Violets


love how the violets self seed…

Primroses in the “rock” garden

find the bumble bee in the Japanese Andromeda

Pink andromeda

note the pervasive gray clouds…

Tulips in Portland OR

Visiting my daughter in Sunnyside area of Portland. The flowers in everyone’s yards were spectacular!


Keep arting and enjoy the warm weather…

PNW gets rains back on Thursday ^..^







Frost Photos in Olympia WA

Pacific Northwest is locked into frigid temps the last we so here are some “frost” photos.

Decorative water feature – very small bathtub sized “pond”.

ice abstract  2 r ice abstract r ice on water feature 1 r    001 r frost 1

and, wait folks , there’s more…

frosted rhodei 1 r and  close up frost r fern with frosting r lichen frost r odd leaf r  012  r

Wow… this has been almost since New Year’s Day… bone chilled!

Walk in Beauty.


Finally reloaded the camera disk/software for the 3rd time. Since end of August, I couldn’t load any images. A pop-up claimed it was because of a Win 7 update. Well, I have no clue what caused the glitch but happy to be capturing images again.


A huge mushroom “forest” that actually survived our lowland snow event last week.


and some colorful ferns…



lowland snow – Olympia, WA

Occasionally it does snow in Olympia. Here’s a quick snapshot I took a few minutes ago…

snow 12-17-2012

Supposed to continue through the night…

Love snow!


Here are the last of April’s 30 day challenge…

texture 18

texture 18


texture 19


texture 20

texture 21


texture 22

texture 22


texture 23

texture 24

texture 24


texture 25


texture 26


texture 27


texture 28


texture 29

texture 30

Just didn’t have time to do my cyber friends Feb challenge which was growth… didn’t want to go the route of spring. Also just too busy with the remodel.

So here are my texture digital images – just cropped and auto adjust…

amazing how much texture is around us all the time… whipped egg whites in a copper bowl with wisk for a chocolate mousse – yum!

Here is the gallery in no specfic order… Slowly getting back into visual art and doing art every day.




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These images are from a few days ago when a heavy frost coats my car. Yes, the garage is still full of remodel tools and/or cabinets for theenclosed porch remodel…