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Long Time without a Post

Well apparently Photobucket is holding images hostage since July …  I am not willing to pay $399 a year for third party use so… I guess, I am without images on my blog!

I’ve mainly been writing a lot in these stressful times. I find my imagination is a good place to hang out. I haven’t been creating a lot of 2-D art since I unfortunately have so much unsold art work.

My art can be found at Gallery Boom in downtown Olympia on Adams Street. I do want to thank everyone who purchased cards and original artwork from me this year.

My summer student art classes were the best ever. Both age groups were very focused. Thanks to all the parents/families and adults who enrolled in my art classes through Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation at the Olympia Center.

Wishing everyone a wonderful creative New Year!




I just happened to catch an art call by a friend… Happy Dance time!
my 10″X8″ mixed media will be hanging at the Olympia Little Theater during the month of September. I made them several years ago for the Tashiro Kaplan 30X30 10″X8″ challenge.

© 2011 Nine Lives Studio

The play, Blithe Spirit, by Noel Coward September 5-28, 2014

Writer and myth buster Charles Condomine invites the renowned medium, Madam Aracati, to hold a séance at his house. Imagine his surprise when the presumed charlatan actually summons the spirit of his first wife, the very clever, very beautiful, and very dead Elvira. Although only Charles can see her, she manages to cause chaos in everyone’s lives. The happily remarried Charles just wants his simple life back, but to his great dismay, Elvira refuses to return to the spirit world without him!

Director: Kendra Malm A witty Comedy

7:55pm: 9/5, 9/6, 9/12, 9/13, 9/18, 9/19, 9/20, 9/25, 9/26, 9/27;
1:55pm: 9/14, 9/21, 9/28


BIRDDDD!!!!   `

Above is a typical Sumi-e painting….

I contacted MetVet about this new program [art call listed below] to help support the Humane Society Cats. I will have my blank note cards on display soon at the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. The cards will be prints of the original Sumi-e whimsical kitty paintings not original one-of-a-kind Sumi-e.

Hi everyone,

As you know, as much as we are involved in providing excellent patient care in clinic, we like to stay involved with helping people and pets in our community, too.  We have recently come up with a new idea that promotes ​​funding animals in need​, promotes local artists, and helps publicize our available Humane Society cats.  With the help of a previous artist, Alexis St. John, “Nat’s Cats” was born!

This is where you come in. We are asking some of our upcoming and previous artists if they would like to donate a piece of artwork of our current Humane Society cats.​  We will proudly display your work in our hospital lobby and on our Nat’s Cats Facebook page. Any proceeds from sales will be split between our fund for pets in need and you. If you would like to participate by making an art donation, please feel free to stop by to view the cats or we can email you photos.  It would be greatly appreciated and help a wonderful cause.  Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or check out the Nat’s Cats Facebook page with any further comments or questions.


Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital  253-274-0225


Keep Arting!



Started to make some Saint Patrick’s Day cards yesterday to take down to
Traditions Café in Olympia… maybe later today.

Simple collage designs adhered to blank note cards will be touched up with….

hmmmm, am thinking a little line work with a gold pen.

Traditions Café and World Folk Art, 300
5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501 360-705-2819

Few More July Poems


Was I snoring?
You bet I was…
awakened mouth was sawdust dry.
Swigging water barely touched
tattered taste buds and air dried teeth.
The nap… yesterday’s dust created a profound
headache with accompanied sinus congestion.
Picking out the chunks of eye crusted grit,
heavy lids still desired to close out the remaining day.
Doorbell rings, of course, hair at odds and pillow
creased face greets the neighbor…
Oh, I woke you again today. I have poor timing….




Rain and morning mist caused his surface

to crust losing its former glory of spit and polish.

Gallons of oil were needed to prevent further

acumination of the rampant red oxide corrosion.

This tree creature sank slowly into the earth;

nothing was left but his rusted metal head…

he watched the seasons; he listed to woodland

creatures and mother nature’s storms.

The last of his kind, he didn’t worry about

the things he could not change…




Junk  Drawer

Scrap paper filled a kitchen drawer;

a rat’s nest of neatly written words

on envelopes and other correspondence.

Once on page, they weren’t important

enough to keep tidy and organized.

They just were…

over flowing, crumpled, left behind.



Two diamond rings locked
in a safety deposit box.

Preferring agate and silver, she
didn’t wear diamonds or gold.
After her mother’s cremation,
her dad slipped her the worn
wedding band and engagement ring.
Couldn’t see destroying them.

After her favorite Aunt passed away,
a package arrived from her favorite uncle.
The engagement ring – another diamond…
both rings worn for over fifty years.
With all that stored emotion,
they’re hard to hold…


Feeling like an intruder,

she slipped quietly through life.

Nothing special, she was a plain

girl grown into a plain woman.

Barely making any noise, she walked

with balanced tread; always in sneakers

made for Ninja stealth movement.

With no reason to shine, time was

faded to invisible; she desired

to be left alone and she was…



Sorting through jewelry boxes, she found
the white and yellow gold love knot ring.
Right out of college – no possibilities and
so depressed wedding after wedding;
friend after friend tying their love knots.

Suicidal thoughts began but no one knew.
Then he came into her picture; sharing
rides to work soon became more than rides.

Sneaking off for rendezvous, a married lover…
she remembered how stupidly proud she had been.
Coming to her senses, she sent him away; swirling
the twisted band, she wondered was he still alive?




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