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Long time since I posted. New Year’s ruminations…

I’ve been spending time researching on Pinterest and making inspiration and a how to file for jewelry… I have had all sorts of equipment in that enclosed deck/remodeled studio Finally I have picked a direction. Jewelry making was always my first love so this year I’ve made a personal commitment to follow through and regain skills. To that end, I have made a list of themes, technique, subject and needed supplies. I ordered a few supplies yesterday because… you won’t believe what has been sitting waiting for me to pick a direction since I moved out here. For awhile I taught PMC [Precious Metal Clay] and enameling but gave that up with the downturn around 2008. I will keep working in the other media as I like other artists tend to have Artist ADD and hop around from one technique/media to another.

Prepped some leftover copper blanks for drilling holes:

Drilled the holes – I so dislike the cheap fasteners that are often glued on back:

I just need to file the burr and I’m waiting for etching supplies which of course, I swear I had a bottle of Ferric Chloride somewhere…

I bought a new mold to use with the PMC – it has dragonflies… very tiny ones:

I did try to etch with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt with the drawing done with sharpies but it didn’t do too much or I didn’t wait long enough. more research needed. I did purchase a STAZEN permanent ink stamp and Ferric Chloride. The technique is simple: clean your copper, stamp the design with a rubber stamp with the STAZEN ink pad or draw with a sharpie, cover the back of the piece with tape and tape piece to a piece of foam. Let it float face down in the Ferric Chloride and agitate occasionally. Simple etching!

I put liver of sulpfur on some PMC and copper pieces to enhance patina. Those pieces just need buffing. I have stones ready to set on a few older pieces as well. I bought some micro macrame cord and plan to make some of the PMC pendants hand from a simple macrame necklace. I also purchased some ribbon, leather and chain necklaces. I felt my PMC which is 99.9% pure silver needed to have better looking necklaces than simple rolled leather.

The above work, yes a slow start but moving forward, was almost 2 weeks ago when we had a week of sunny days. Today the sun is bright after a week of rain so I hope it will be warm enough out there to do some work today. Slowly getting my mind in order to make jewelry again.

Beside etching and enameling on PMC or copper, I plan to make paper beads [I am offering a class later this spring], small ceramic diffuser pendant with a metal back for essential oils, reduce my Enso images & print to be placed into pendant base with a glass piece on top. Plus work on my various necklace ideas: making chain, macrame, etc… I feel better that I now have goals in mind. I was drifting in a whirlwind of doubt and low art sales for many years.

My classes are not running so I hope this commitment to jewelry pulls me out of a creative slump although I have been working hard on the 2014 NaNoWriMo and am satisfied with that. I have started putting ideas down for a third novel and am ready to start working again on the 2015 novel. I have Spring Art Walk, the Artist Garage Sale and the NOVA school fair comming up in a month in a half…

sun is out, studio is warm, Keep Arting even if you need time to ruminate, keep arting!


After recovering from all that summer teaching, September was full of canning [salsa, pickles, relish, etc.] and freezing veggies….

As far as art classes this fall – unfortunately only one 6 week class and one Saturday workshop ran!

I’ve signed up for three holiday fairs and maybe a forth so now I’m finally after a long hiatus in full production most days.

Hand printed close to 200 prints from my various blocks[ 30] that I’ve carved over the last few years… adhered to blank note cards. Sent some to Confluence Gallery in Twisp, WA [Rainy Day Crow] and a variety to Bainbridge Arts & Crafts on Bainbridge Is., WA.

the little boxes below are paper mache that you can buy in craft stores/amazon, etc. I painted them with acrylic, sprayed the inside with glitter [horrid smell ], glued on trim around the bottom part. Just need to collage on the tops…

I have been making chopstick bound mini journals [almost 50 are finished]. They’re the size of a folded piece of copy paper. I glue two sheets of cardstock to make the covers a little sturdier. Next fold ten pages of trimmed 65# paper for the pages [equals 20]. After paper punching holes, thread with ribbon and tie the chopsticks in place. Adhere art on cover [Sumi-e, watercolor pencil drawings, collages, or block prints] and bag…

Sumi-e below – waiting for chopsticks to dry from staining:

collages below:

I will also have small art [ those 4X4″ mixed media on canvas, matted Sumi-e, & maybe the PMC jewelry] as well as little wooden boxes that I intend to woodburn. I have two weeks to get them done having various thoughts about designs – like make up your mind… Also have small wooden ornaments to either paint of woodburn.

Keep Arting…

Gull Harbor Art and Craft Show

Time and date: 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Nov. 7; and 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 8.

Location: 5046 Boston Harbor Road, Olympia.

DuPont Winter Wonderland Holiday Bazaar

Time and date: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 14.

Location: Pioneer Middle School, 1750 Bobs Hollow Lane, DuPont.

Description: Many vendors selling handcrafted items. Admission is $1 for adults

Enchanted Winter Faire – Olympia Waldorf School

Saturday Dec 5th, 2015 from 11am to 3pm – 8126 Normandy St SE, Olympia, WA


waiting to hear from:

The 5th Annual Lincoln Winter Market is scheduled for Saturday November 28th 11am to 5pm.

location: 213 21st Ave SE, Olympia, WA

resting from being soooooooooooooo sick in August – I still have a horrible cough! I was partially stuck over the last few days… seems like most of my art classes offered to start in September won’t run
interesting how just making the effort to begin gets the ball rolling so silly – worry dissolves creativity.

Last night around 10pm, I started painting the background/base for the next group of mixed media. two 10″X10″ and eleven 12″X12″.  Metal Urge display at Envirohouse are due the 29th and Shoreline Art Commission Gallery pieces are due on October 4th…. I’m making new pieces for each.

Today I made 10 Sumi-e cards…. it’s a start. Card sales bring in $40+ a month but I fell by the wayside teaching so much this summer. I need them for Traditions in Oly, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts and Shoreline Gallery as well as a Gallery Boom in Tumwater and The Nearsighted Narwhal in Tacoma.
I painted these on WC paper. The card stock/envelopes I bought from JoAnne’s is too light weight to glue on the Sumi-e paper; it wrinkles the card. Now Joanne’s isn’t selling the blank cards anymore
I used to buy cards from Paper Zone but they went out of business

I may paint some Sumi-e on Bristol too… need to find a heavier cardstock/envelope match. I did try online but, still the card stock was too lightweight. OK to run through a printer but not glue worthy!

Keep arting and don’t give up!

Get out your tap shoes! Are they laced up? Start the happy dance – I sold four whimsical cat Sumi-e paintings at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Almost Perfect Sale. Nesting Box Cat Nap, Wet Paws, Tail Stalk and Bad Kitty went to happy homes. Images are below.

Nesting Box Nap

Wet Paws


Tail Stalk


Bad Kitty

Another Happy Dance!
I was one of 9 Sumi-e artists that sold at the Kirsten Gallery exhibit! in Seattle, WA.  I’m glad that I re-joined the Sumi-e group after an absence of about 4 years. www.sumi.org
I generally had sales at their exhibits but I was teaching on Tuesday mornings when they have their monthly meetings. It’s great to be back among the group.


Kitten Shreds the Mouse Toy (C) 2005 nineLivesStudio

Thanks to all who have purchased my art… I hope it brings joy to you.

Keep Arting!



Bainbridge Arts and Crafts annual Almost Perfect sale starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday.

Thursday May 1st through Sunday May 4th

The Gallery – Bainbridge Arts & Crafts, 151 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island, WA

The Artists’ Almost Perfect Sale started as a seconds sale, but many artists use it to sell totally perfect work that for whatever reason is still hanging around. We hang the work all over the walls and all over the shelves and all over everywhere.


I have 11 whimsical Sumi-e [some you can see int he bottom left of this image].

Support the artists – thanks to all who stop and purchase!


This is going to be useful… bought this drying rack from an art sale. Will help keep the cats from walking all over them when prints are drying.

Yesterday I finished printing some block prints for Bainbridge Arts & Crafts.

my bad, left a mess but then I need to print more cards!

Dropped them off today and did a craft with the residents at Wyatt House.
some I printed on wallpaper but think it would work better with an oil base ink.
I read awhile ago that Speedball was making a water based oil ink. hmmm they seem to have a “Printmaster” brand ink now – heavier/thicker than the others that might work better.

Will print some more to bring down to Traditions and for Art Walk which is right around the corner.

Sunday I started more collage St. Patrick’s Day cards. I finished them yesterday afternoon before class and then bagged them last night. They’re ready to ship to Bainbridge Arts and Crafts on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Above – these are 5X7″ blank note cards.

This batch are 5X5″   and five more below…

It was a fun project…. Using basically the same pieces of scrapbook paper, it’s interesting how many different ways they can be combined. I used an exacto knife to cut out the shamrocks. Brads hold the layers together and then the prepared design is adhered to the cardstock.  Instead of printing separate labels with info for the back of the card, I’ve been printing the blurb/contact info directly onto the cardstock. Saves a step and the clear labels I was using are pricy!

Remember, I have some for sale at Traditions Cafe in Olympia…  after I correct the images , I will post to Fine Art American and Zazzle [probably my fine art shop].

Keep arting.

Finished and scanned the  17 Saint Patrick’s Day blank note cards. I will correct the images and put them
on Zazzle – not sure what store.

the white cardstock are 5″X7″

the green cards are 5×5″

I brought the 17 St Patrick’s Day cards down to Traditions… Traditions Café and World Folk Art, 300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501 360-705-2819

Thanks to whomever has purchased my various blank note cards at Traditions and BAC on Bainbridge Island. I sold 2 Valentine cards, 6 printed cards, and two original Sumi-e cards. They give me 60% – really nice folks. Need to advertise and get those card sales back to a steady flow to help keep my fridge full! Will make some more and mail them to BAC – Bainbridge Arts and Crafts on Monday.



shame on me but I finally painted new Sumi-e. Two weeks ago on Tuesday,  I tidied, did dishes and laundry, straightened shelves in art/office and finally at 2:30 in the afternoon started painting ten Sumi-e.  Within two hours I had them painted and filled in with color. Then I had to find & cut backing boards. Next… I had to fish older framed art out of my closet, de-frame and reframe. A long process because I had to move so much to do that but by 2am I had them all framed.
I dropped them off the next day at the BAC Gallery  – the paintings will be for Bainbridge Arts and Crafts  rental program.

Warm Knit Cap (C) 2/2014 Ellen Miffitt


It felt good to paint again…

In the Bag (C) 2/2014 Ellen Miffitt


The other eight images are located in my website “new” gallery. www.nine-lives-studio.com

these images are posted on products in my Zazzle Nine Lives Studio http://www.zazzle.com/Nine_Lives_Studio*    and Fine Art America online shop  http://ellen-miffitt.artistwebsites.com  .


Keep arting even if you do procrastinate

2014 started out interesting as far as all my Olympia Parks, Arts & Rec classes have all been canceled so far – only a few had a couple people signed up most had 0 enrollment. Check online to see the next batch starting in February:  Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation, 222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia, WA 98501  (360) 753-8063  www.olympiawa.gov/experienceit

However….  both classes at Panorama Retirement community are running.
Then, I was called for two In-Service days at the alternative elementary school this month.
Acrylic class:
Today my acrylic class participants at Panorama voted unanimously to keep going in Feb.!      I forgot to bring my camera to take in progress photos. I didn’t finish my demo because I was so busy going from one to the other.  There are only 5 people but it keeps you real busy. The two hours fly past!

acrylic demo

I was showing them how to use molding paste [white tree shape] and a gel with sand… to be finished next week.

Bainbridge Arts and  Crafts:
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts had a cancellation for the two artist demos in February at the retirement homes so they called me
they asked me to bring up 8 to 10 new whimsical Sumi-e for their rental program. Plus I can bring up new cards as well.
Mandala Workshop:
I have arranged a Mandala workshop at the Lacey TRL for Saturday March 29th 1 to 3pm.
location: 500 College Street SE, Lacey, WA  98503-1240   360-491-3860

Japanese New Year’s celebration:

I printed Sumi-e cards today for the Saturday Japanese New Year celebration. I have original Sumi-e cards as well… keeping it simple and low prices. I hope to encourage sales by keeping low prices on cards and small prints.

Watercolor Pencil demo :

watercolor pencil demo

This was the start of a watercolor pencil demo for Monday’s class – we were working on trees and sky plus they tested their pencils colors.

Spring Art Walk:

signed up for Spring Arts walk at the Urban Onion… that’s in April!

Zazzle: Thanks for all the sales on my various studios… I’ve been adding new images to them as I make them.

with all this & that 2014 is looking a whole lot better!