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A few days ago, I gave these shells a second coat of mod podge and selected the beads that will hang inside of the shell.

Yesterday the “studio” was just the right temperature to work on my jewelry projects

I drilled the holes in the shells, wire wrapped the top of the headpin that holds the beads to form a loop, cut fine copper wire to 5″ and wrapped it around a tool handle to make a bail. I just have to smooth/tuck in the wire ends before stringing them on rolled leather. I plan to make a findings out of the copper wire too…

I also made a loop on the end of the headpins that held beads & paper beads. Then I attached a simple silver preformed ear wire. picture isn’t the best – excited to share… I will be offering a paper bead making class through Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation in the Spring session.

I made this reversible  PMC [Precious Metal Clay] pendant a long time ago. Recently set the hematite stone and today strung a few beads and ta Dah…
its looking good except for the crumby lighted photograph.


I just have to check all the ends of the wrapped wires to make sure they won’t snag on skin/clothing…

moving forward on my jewelry projects. I will have them ready for Spring Arts Walk. I will be at the Estate Store on Columbia in Olympia…



Long time since I posted. New Year’s ruminations…

I’ve been spending time researching on Pinterest and making inspiration and a how to file for jewelry… I have had all sorts of equipment in that enclosed deck/remodeled studio Finally I have picked a direction. Jewelry making was always my first love so this year I’ve made a personal commitment to follow through and regain skills. To that end, I have made a list of themes, technique, subject and needed supplies. I ordered a few supplies yesterday because… you won’t believe what has been sitting waiting for me to pick a direction since I moved out here. For awhile I taught PMC [Precious Metal Clay] and enameling but gave that up with the downturn around 2008. I will keep working in the other media as I like other artists tend to have Artist ADD and hop around from one technique/media to another.

Prepped some leftover copper blanks for drilling holes:

Drilled the holes – I so dislike the cheap fasteners that are often glued on back:

I just need to file the burr and I’m waiting for etching supplies which of course, I swear I had a bottle of Ferric Chloride somewhere…

I bought a new mold to use with the PMC – it has dragonflies… very tiny ones:

I did try to etch with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt with the drawing done with sharpies but it didn’t do too much or I didn’t wait long enough. more research needed. I did purchase a STAZEN permanent ink stamp and Ferric Chloride. The technique is simple: clean your copper, stamp the design with a rubber stamp with the STAZEN ink pad or draw with a sharpie, cover the back of the piece with tape and tape piece to a piece of foam. Let it float face down in the Ferric Chloride and agitate occasionally. Simple etching!

I put liver of sulpfur on some PMC and copper pieces to enhance patina. Those pieces just need buffing. I have stones ready to set on a few older pieces as well. I bought some micro macrame cord and plan to make some of the PMC pendants hand from a simple macrame necklace. I also purchased some ribbon, leather and chain necklaces. I felt my PMC which is 99.9% pure silver needed to have better looking necklaces than simple rolled leather.

The above work, yes a slow start but moving forward, was almost 2 weeks ago when we had a week of sunny days. Today the sun is bright after a week of rain so I hope it will be warm enough out there to do some work today. Slowly getting my mind in order to make jewelry again.

Beside etching and enameling on PMC or copper, I plan to make paper beads [I am offering a class later this spring], small ceramic diffuser pendant with a metal back for essential oils, reduce my Enso images & print to be placed into pendant base with a glass piece on top. Plus work on my various necklace ideas: making chain, macrame, etc… I feel better that I now have goals in mind. I was drifting in a whirlwind of doubt and low art sales for many years.

My classes are not running so I hope this commitment to jewelry pulls me out of a creative slump although I have been working hard on the 2014 NaNoWriMo and am satisfied with that. I have started putting ideas down for a third novel and am ready to start working again on the 2015 novel. I have Spring Art Walk, the Artist Garage Sale and the NOVA school fair comming up in a month in a half…

sun is out, studio is warm, Keep Arting even if you need time to ruminate, keep arting!

My  PMC jewelry and mini 4X4″ mixed media are now posted on AFTCRA. My images are available on three online shops listed below.

TH 2 brown background

I’ve been so busy with the some holiday art fairs and making things for them as well as NaNoWriMo… I have finally set up my AFTRCA shop… PMC jewelry and mini collages… https://www.aftcra.com/Nine_Lives_Studio

Ruby Flower Mandala

Ruby Flower Mandala

I’m not doing Etsy anymore.. Over the years I had so few sales and last year the listing fees equaled the few items that I sold. . I’ll let you know if AFTCRA works any better. Least there are no listing fees.

Christmas Wreath Cat

Christmas Wreath Cat

As far as online Print on Demand sales, I listed the links below.
Nothing has sold on Fine Art America in a long time – FAA used to be just cards and prints but now have an increasing amount of other products:
Redbubble I’ve only had a few sales:
Zazzle sales are increasing daily…
http://www.zazzle.com/Nine_Lives_Studio* http://www.zazzle.com/zen_ink*

I will be offering a class through Oly Parks, Arts and Recreation about Print on Demand sites – Pros and Cons.

Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation –  222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501    www.olympiawa.gov/experienceit   Call 360.753.8380

Selling Art on “Print on Demand”  Sites, the Pros & Cons 

Ages:  16 and up

Print on Demand (POD) companies, like Fine Art America, Zazzle, RedBubble, Cafepress,  etc. are flourishing. Typically you create a shop front and choose what to display your work on. No physical products are created until it sells.  Products include (prints, t-shirts, mugs, home décor, and so on) within their marketplace.  Spend an evening learning the Pros, Cons & Risks of placing your images on a POD shop. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

M            Feb 22                    6:00pm-8:00pm                  $19         #3294

At our last Olympia Etsy Team meeting, the discussion was mostly about upcoming holiday exhibit/sales.  During the discussion several of the members mention that they keep at least 100 items on their shop as that seems to drive traffic to their shop.  I am in awe of many of these creative women who manage to earn their living by selling their hand crafted products on Etsy.

Then the next day, the “challenge” was posted on our Face Book page. The challenge is to post 100 items in our individual shops by mid November. We check in each Wednesday.   At check in yesterday, I am up to 76 items: holiday block print cards are 3 for $15.00, Cubicle Art depending on substrate are $15 or $30.oo and Precious Metal Clay pendants form $22.00 to $60.00.

TH 2 brown background Precious Metal Clay pendant

Giddyup, Rocking Horse!

     Giddyup, Rocking Horse!

block prints printed onto printing paper and adhered to blank notecards

Ruby Flower Mandala

Ruby Flower Mandala

Typical 4X4″X1.5 mini collage on stretched canvass – I believe this one is located at Gallery Boom in Tumwater, WA.