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Watercolor and words

I have been writing up a storm… I participated in April and July Camp NaNoWriMo… wrote three stories and have corrected my Nov 2015 NaNoWriMo…

Then it was summer classes at Olympia Parks, Arts and Rec – 10 of the 12 ran.

Finally posting some new art – Win 10 automatically updated and killed my scanner software. Found  the disk last night and stayed up to 2pm after writing to 12:30 to scan some art. Slowly correcting images from light leaks. My camera died a long time ago so its the iPAD or the scanner…

Here’s some recent art:

Evergreen Mandala

© 8/2016 Ellen Miffitt

Sacred Tree

© 8/2016 Ellen Miffitt

Tree Meditation

© 8/2016 Ellen Miffitt

These were created in my age 12-16 Watercolor Techniques and Textures class this summer. I had the best kids ever in the older students offerings – very focused and inspiring. I cut a stencil for the various trees. Spattered WC over two of them and the third I traced and painted using WC and watercolor pencils. When dry I used these beautiful stencils to ink the design on top.

Will post more later back to writing


My Special Effects Watercolor class meets on Tuesday October 7th to the 28th from 6 to 8pm. During the first class I went over and showed samples of all kinds of techniques: resist [wax, frisket, tape]. use of syran wrap & wax paper, scraping, sgraffito, etc… and the participants made samples on their watercolor paper & extra notes on their handouts.

Mushrooms 10/7/2014
I’ve painted several samples of this particular image which was from a photograph I made back in New Hampshire. These is the best rendition. I masked the mushrooms with frisket and then dropped fall colors for the background and covered with syran wrap. When that was dry, I removed the syran wrap and painted the branch. I torn pieces of waxed paper to cover the moist brush strokes. After that dried, I took the frisket off and painted the mushrooms and added color to other areas. Last I went in with watercolor pencils [Inktense] and made leaf shapes out of the dropped in colors.

Before the Snow 10/14/2014
In this painting, I used Elmer’s Glue as a resist on the tree and grass shapes in foreground. I next did washes for sky and middle ground. I used chalk on the distant mountains. Lastly, I went back in and worked the tree. The glue tends to dissolve with the repeat washes.

Winter Field Oak 10/14/2014
Bubble solution with acrylic ink was used to blow a series of bubbles for the sky. Then I dropped a puddle of ink on the paper. Using a straw, I blew the ink up into a tree/branch shape. I did add a little extra watercolor and a few extra branch tips to the tree. There is some white chalk on the tree branches for snow.

This week, I used the bubble ink for a moon, sprinkled salt on it. That didn’t do much so I put a yellow wash [deep cadmium yellow] and a circle of wax paper on it.

Autumn Full Moon 10/21/2014
Then I used fairly thick instant coffee for the tree… made a puddle of coffee at the base and used a straw to blow the fluid up into tree shapes. Of course, I could have left the background white or painted it first [^..^] but I did it after the coffee dried. I used Payne’s gray wash and sprinkled the sky area with salt. The wash moved the coffee a little but I like how it looks foggy. The foreground wash was covered in syran wrap. After the “moon” and the foreground was dry I removed the wax paper shape and the syran wrap. The coffee left a nifty sheen on the paper.

Keep arting folks!

Now where has February gone?

Started a new mandala while I was facilitating a mandala class at a retirement community in Lacey WA. Only had 3 participants so was a nice quiet afternoon working with them and on my on project once they were well underway.

For mine, I cut five circles out of the Bristol substrate. Next I cut five pieces of scrapbook paper that featured stars, sun motif and a nice brown for the earth in the center. I have lightly traced the Fir trees in place. will work on the tracing paper to figure out the root design. I’m thinking of cutting trees and the roots out of paper… moving toward having depth and shadow from slight increase in height of cut outs.

start of mandala

here’s another mandala – I reworked to strengthen the outer colors as the center is too strong… Still thinking it through. Have a Celtic knotwork border I’m working on. I may cut the main design [Firs & center] out entirely and mount on something else… ideas are percolating.

Fir Forest

here’s a third mandala called Fir & Maples that I posted a “how-to” on Feb 9th… think I will add details with sepia/walnut ink to both tree designs to unify the overall design .

Fir & Maple Forest


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