Look what arrived 2 weeks ago… two boxes = 50 more art-o-mat blocks. [Artists in Cellophane] I also received a cute patch .
Below is the patch and the green record charts I receive when checks are mailed to me. Not sure if it’s readable but the lists include: Boca Raton FL,Visica Gallery AZ, Smithsonian DC, can’t quite read the name of the NC one, Whole Foods in Texas, Salamon FAC in VA, and Museum of Outdoor art  – think that is in colorado. What a hoot!

Last night I prepared the paper rectangles – 100+.  I decided to stop using scrape paper because some was so thin that the block surface showed through.  So this paper is a little heavier and stays white when adhered to the MDF block. [MDF is medium density fiberboard] A block is included in the photo.

Why 100+ because they found my “lost” check from Feb so I said just send another 50 blocks.
Below is my new inkstone along with the set up for painting. At the Artists’ Garage Sale today, another artist came up to me and asked what the object was in her hand. Trying not to jump up and down, I said  – an inkstone. Is it for sale?   So for $5 I purchased a little tackle box that had a couple sumi brushes, a felt, brush holders, ink stick and the covered inkstone!

notice the felt currently has very few cat/dog fur on it!!!!
Below: I began painting – only 93 more to paint….

At the annual garage sale, I only sold two small sumi-e… one person would have bought two mini collages but I don’t take credit cards and one other person picked out two but said she’d be back… hmmmm I did write a poem about that. anyway, a great time was had as I talked myself hoarse because many of my art buddies were there. We all hads lots to catch up on for sure. Busy lives and winter hibernation…. ahhhh spring.

ok, I confess I bought some art books that the library friends had [they co-sponsor the garage sale] and some incredible printing paper…   I know it’s supposed to be a profit thing.  back to painting Sumi-e minis for the art-o-mat blocks…